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Established 1971

Construction on the SAE house site as of Dec. 22, 2012.  Despite the foot of snow in Brookings last week, construction continues. All concrete forms from the basement have been removed. The excavated area around the walls has been backfilled up to four feet. As seen in the photographs, a heat tent was built and the mason has since layed the concrete blocks of the elevator shaft to the height of the basement ceiling. The contractor is waiting for the steel beams and support poles to arrive in early January. The beams and first floor joists will be installed at the same time. Then the subfloor will be affixed so the basement can be heated. Once heated, the under-floor plumbing work will be installed, followed by pouring of the basement floor.

This week house corporation treasurer Dallas Bridges authorized the bank to make our first disbursement to Houtman Construction. The $120,000 check exceeds the total cost of the lodge ($14,500), the additional lot ($4,000) purchased in 1973, the addition ($60,000) built in 1981 and the annex (about $40,000) purchased in the early 90s.
We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and successful 2013.

In the photos below, the elevator shaft is covered to allow heat; in the center one, the two covered items are the supports for the front entry columns. The far left photo is of the west end of the house looking SE.